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Trench Routine and Duties

A soldiers life in the trench was really bad and not very rewarding. When they first woke up in a morning they would have to do the morning hate. This involved the men firing at the enemy for around two minutes from there trench, in the morning rum was sometimes issued to the men, then they cleaned there guns and had there breakfast, there was a unofficial truce between the enemy them the men while breakfast was eaten. They also had to do a number of tasks like cleaning their guns. A dirty gun could be very dangerous because dirt could clog up the barrel or any other part of the gun and cause it to either not fire or worse, explode the barrel or gun and injure or kill the man holding it. The men had all sorts of combat jobs like machine gunners or front line soldiers. Typically a solider would have to spent a certain amount of time in the front line, then a period in support and then in the reserve lines, then followed by rest. Even when the men were at rest they would probably find themselves in the line of fire, and some men spent far longer in the front line then they should of if they were in a busy area. In a year a man would probably do about 70 days in the front line, 30 days in the support trenches, 120 might be spent in reserve and only 70 days rest. After the men’s breakfast they had there inspection by there company or platoon commander. After this they where assigned chores like refilling the sandbags or repairing the wooden boards that covered the trench floor and draining the trench.

The life in the trench by day was very boring, after they had done all there task they could do what they wanted, but only little movement was possible because the tops of the trenches where constantly being watched by snipers. The men usually took this time to read and write letters from home or maybe have a rest, but only for a couple of minutes. Patrols where often sent out into no mans land to repair the barbed wire on the front line or to plant listing post to hopefully pick up some valuable information. Sometimes the enemy patrols would meet each other and they would have the option to either run there separate ways or be engaged with hand to hand combat. They would not use there guns because the shots may attract machines guns and that would be deadly.